business payment solution

  • Cloud/Physical Environment
  • Hassle free Digital Payment initiatin
  • Fast , Easy and Secure
  • Easy to initiate any Digital Payment Mode
  • Security
  • Online shopping 24*7 with Digital Payment mode

Digital Payment Solution defines the integration service which comes into play when online payments are done for placing or accepting a service or product for an E-commerce website. Payment gateways encrypt sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information passes securely between the customer and the merchant.

It is a software application that needs to be stored on your server. There are a number of Digital Payment Solution Provider available across the internet. We integrate Digital Payment mode through their API (Application Programming Interface) enabling your customers to easily order and make payments. Our team of experienced programmers has proven expertise in payment gateway integration as part of our custom eCommerce solutions.

business API integration

  • CRUD(S)

Product Owners and App Developers are frequently tasked with designing API integrations between their apps with the cloud services used by their customers, partners or employees. Integrating your app with cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive,, Jira and Quickbooks can provide your users with a “cooperative” experience in which they can seamlessly share data between your app and the other cloud services they use on a daily basis. This new era we’re entering envisions cooperative, or connected, applications via cloud-based API integrations.

business Data reconciliation solution

  • Full control to business users
  • Two way recon
  • Three way recon
  • Efficiency, accuracy, and transparency
  • Security
  • Software-as-a-Service (cloud-based) solutions
  • Offline Reconciliation

It is crucially important that all organizations, which rightly seek financial stability and control, pay careful attention to the need to deploy a robust reconciliation solution.

However, it is hugely surprising to find that, even in today’s highly regulated environment, many businesses continue to operate akin to “the way it’s always been done”, largely using Excel or a manual processes or a combination of the two, believing cost issues or the perceived level of importance attached to this key issue to be restrictive in initiating a reconciliation solution procurement. These limiting views prevail such that including another IT project in the budget, particularly so in the current economic climate, is often deemed impractical. This is in spite of a reconciliation solution’s ability to provide the potential for improved stability and cost mitigation.

So what’s to be done? End to end solutions offer complete visibility and auditable control to all reconciliation processes across the enterprise The best automated matching algorithms often offer 99% success, process cost mitigation upwards of 60-80% and a return on investment of between 3 – 9 months in many cases. Crucially, the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the most modern solutions solidify the business case with forgiving ‘professional services’ costs incorporating installation, training and support. Departmental system ‘ownership’ and usability reduce the need for specialist IT management and support input.

business automation

  • business model workflows
  • Automate routines and save time
  • Integrate apps to sync your processes
  • Manage your tasks
  • Integrates with other platforms
  • Scales as your business grows

There are many BPM solutions available. But As a business owner, you know how tricky it can be to grow your revenue without breaking the bank. You need the right tools to manage your everyday processes. An enter-pricey BPM can be too complex for you, whereas we automate your business in youer convenient mode which will help you to increase your business.